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What is your personality type? Are you the person you think you are? How do others perceive you? Find out now! The Classic Personality Test is Fun, Fast, and Free!

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Question 1:  My bedroom usually looks like this:

Pig sty
Mostly tidy
Very neat

Question 2:  When you daydream, which of these do you most often think about?

The Distant Past
The Recent Past
The Present
The Future

Question 3:  When I see someone who is homeless, I feel sorry for them.

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree

Question 4:  When working in a group, which role do you prefer?

Leader - I enjoy managing people
Secretary - I prefer to do paperwork
Presenter - I love public speaking
No role - I avoid group work as much as possible

Question 5:  When working on a project, which word best describes you?


  Are you interested in continuing your education online in the near future?

Yes No

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